Calibration Facilities at TruThread Europe | VIDEO

TruThread Europe's calibration laboratory is a cornerstone of our gauge production process, ensuring the accuracy and reliability that our customers depend on. Our commitment to quality and market reputation drives us to invest significantly in developing and equipping a state-of-the-art calibration laboratory.

Comprehensive Calibration Process

In our lab, we perform extensive testing and calibration for all gauges we produce. Utilizing powerful equipment and maintaining optimal temperature conditions, we guarantee that each gauge meets the precise requirements of our clients.

Accreditations and Expertise

We hold all necessary accreditation documents, demonstrating our competence and experience in calibration. Our skilled staff meticulously check each gauge, ensuring maximum accuracy. Recognizing the importance of precision for our customers, we ensure our gauges are durable and reliable.

Our calibration laboratory plays a critical role in our company's success. With advanced equipment, thorough documentation, and experienced personnel, we provide the highest quality gauges. TruThread operates an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, recognized by the National Laboratory Accreditation Board in New Delhi. Our lab's certification number is CC-2842, attesting to its high quality and accuracy.

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Commitment to Quality

We offer FREE calibration certificates with each gauge and provide an option for an extended certificate that meets ILAC international standards. manufacturer certificate.jpg ILAC NABL Certificate.jpg TruThread Europe's calibration facilities are integral to our dedication to quality and reliability. Our advanced laboratory, skilled staff, and comprehensive services ensure that we meet the highest standards in the industry.