WCP and CP Master Gauges for ring gauges: How to ensure measurement accuracy

What are master gauges and what is the difference between WCP and CP?

In the world of ring measurement and wear control, special tools known as gauges are used. At TruThread, we offer two types of master gauges: Wear Check Plug (WCP) and Check Plug (CP). Let's figure out what is the difference between them and how they are used in practice.

Master Gauges are special tools used to measure rings and check for wear. They allow you to determine the suitability of rings for use and ensure accuracy in measurements. TruThread has two types of check plugs available: Wear Check Plug (WCP) and Check Plug (CP).

Use of WCP gauges to assess ring wear

WCP gauges are used to assess ring wear and determine their suitability for use. These special tools have a pitch diameter that directly depends on the wear limit of the ring. The primary way to use a WCP gauge is to insert or screw it into a ring.

After the introduction of the WCP master-gauge into the ring, its patency is assessed. If the WCP easily passes through the ring, this indicates excessive wear and it is recommended that the ring be removed from service. This indicates the need to replace or restore the ring. On the other hand, if the WCP master-gauge cannot penetrate the ring, this means that the ring is suitable for continued use.

The use of WCP gauges allows you to effectively control the wear of the rings and maintain optimal quality and accuracy of measurements. This process is essential in the world of ring measurement and helps to maintain the reliability and validity of manufacturing processes where the use of rings gauge is required. The use of WCP gauges is an important practice for ensuring product quality and efficient use of rings in various industries.

Features of using CP master-gauges for new ring gauges

CP gauges are used to measure new rings, especially those where direct measurement is impossible or difficult. These special tools are widely used in cases where the diameter of the ring is very small, such as 3 mm or less, or when direct measurement is not possible. Two CP gauges are used to measure Go rings.

The minimum limit, known as the Go Check Plug, must pass completely through the ring. This means that the diameter of the ring meets the acceptable standard and can be used. On the other hand, the maximum limit, known as the NoGo Check Plug, must not enter the ring with more than one thread. This ensures proper functionality of the ring and prevents the use of unsuitable ring gauges.

CP gauges play an important role in measuring new rings and help ensure high quality and accurate measurements. The use of two CP master gauges allows you to control both the minimum and maximum dimensions of the Go and Nogo rings. This is a necessary practice in many industries where new rings are required to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.

Advantages of using master gauges from TruThread

We do not recommend using CP dial gauges to measure the new large size of ring gauges. After all, at TruThread we offer a calibration certificate that provides accurate results and contains all the necessary data for a ring gauge.

Instead, we suggest ordering a set of WCP master-gauges, thanks to which you can check the suitability of the ring-gauge some time after use. WCP master gauges provide high accuracy and reliability of results, which is especially important for large ring sizes.

Our calibration certificate contains all the necessary data for the ring gauge and guarantees the accuracy of the measurements. You can trust our certificates because they meet high quality standards. This allows you to ensure the reliability of your measurement results.

The safety and quality of our WCP and CP master-gauges is confirmed by a long experience in the production and supply of ring-gauges. We offer solutions that meet your specific needs and ensure reliable and accurate measurements.

Contact us for advice and to order an individual master-gauge or a caliber that will meet your requirements. Our team of experts will be happy to help you in solving your task.