TruThread's production capacity

TruThread uses advanced technology and manufacturing processes to guarantee the high quality of its gauges. Production is carried out using the world-renowned Matrix and Reishauer systems, and the company's production shop works with modern CNC/NC systems to implement the latest technologies in precision heat treatment and other manufacturing processes. This approach ensures the highest level of quality control and consistency, making TruThread a leader in the production of reliable and accurate gauges.


TruThread's infrastructure

Gauges quality control

manufacturing image

TruThread puts product quality control at the forefront. The use of unique identification of each gauge and records of quenching parameters and microstructure is the basis for ensuring the highest quality control and consistency. This meticulous approach reflects our unwavering commitment to manufacturing products that meet the highest quality standards and meet the needs of our customers.

Heat treatment of gauges

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Our gauges are heat treated using atmospherically controlled electric furnaces. Electric furnaces provide precise and excellent control of the heat treatment cycle. The cycle is regularly checked, guaranteeing the constancy of the microstructure. Our modern, eco-friendly heat treatment system helps us achieve a strength of 60-63 HRC. Important heat treatment guarantees high wear resistance and dimensional stability of the gauges.

Environmentally friendly production

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TruThread is committed to sustainable manufacturing. The collection of rainwater and the generation of electricity from solar panels on the roof reflect the company's commitment to nature. The company's work complex accompanies the constant improvement of production processes and product quality. Our focus on sustainability allows us to achieve high quality while maintaining ecological balance and minimizing environmental impact.