TruThread Europe: Your Partner for Accurate Gauging

What is TruThread Europe and why should you choose us

The company TruThread has been engaged in the production of innovative solutions for accurate measurements since 1982. For more than 40 years, our products meet the highest quality standards, and our production always uses the most modern technologies. We work with a variety of industries, from aviation to oil and gas, and are always happy to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our company offers unique measuring solutions that fully meet your needs. We specialize in the production of thread and plain gauges made of high-quality steel with a strength of 62 HRC. A wide range of products is always available at our warehouse in Poland, where the most popular gauge sizes are available. We are also ready to provide an individual approach to each customer, manufacturing special gauges taking into account all requirements for accuracy and compliance. baner .png Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with calibration certificates for each instrument, as well as the possibility of obtaining an extended certificate according to international ILAC standards. Our calibration services are carried out in an accredited laboratory, which guarantees stable quality and reliability of each device.

What TruThread gauges can be bought with delivery

TruThread Europe's wide selection of gauges includes ring gauges and plug gauges. By individual order, we manufacture custom gauges according to your drawings.

In TruThread catalog a wide range of thread gauges are available:

  • Metric gauges (M, MF, MJ)
  • Unified gauges (UNC, UNF, UNEF, UN and UNS)
  • UNJ thread gauges (UNJC, UNJF, UNJEF)
  • Gauges STI/EG (HeliCoil)
  • Pipe gauges (G-Pipe, R-Pipe, Rc, Pg, NPT, NPTF, PTF, ANPT)
  • Gauges for the oil and gas industry (NGT, Valve fittings, M KEG, API)
  • Trapezoidal thread gauges (Tr)
  • ACME and STUB ACME thread gauges
  • Gauges according to the standard B.S. (Whitworth), BSPTr, B.S. Conduit, Buttress Threads

We also offer a large selection of plain gauges:

  • plain ring gauges and plain plug gauges
  • setting rings
  • measuring pins
  • snap gauges

We also manufacture control master gauges (CP and WCP) and individual gauges according to your drawings.

How to buy thread gauges online with delivery

Looking for a way to buy thread gauges online with delivery to your place? We have a simple and convenient solution for you! Just write to us by e-mail, and our specialists will promptly process your order. Thanks to our team, you will receive high-quality gauges that meet all your needs.

We also offer the opportunity to join our community and register on our e-shop, where you can check the price and availability of the gauge in stock in Poland at any time convenient for you.

We offer fast delivery by the most popular services throughout Europe.